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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Victory in Jesus

As I walked up to the door of our church in Varaždin this evening, I was met by the man in the middle of the photo. His name is Marijan and he was looking for the Baptist church!
It turns out that Marijan had received a gospel tract from Missionary Kevin Brown (on the left) just a few weeks before. Kevin had spoken with him a little bit and invited him to attend. Praise the Lord he showed up.
After the service, Bro Rajko Telebar (on the right) and Bro Kevin teamed up and led Marijan to Christ. That's right! Marijan got gloriously and eternally saved today.
That's Victory in Jesus.
Marijan said he will be back next week AND he wants to join us when we go and pass out gospel tracts.
Somebody stand up and shout AMEN!
Praise the Lord for a great victory such as this.


Tori said...

WOW to the 10th power!! that's awesome! Wow, we're gonna be pretty surprised when we get home at all the new folks.
Great job guys and isn't God good!!

Tammy said...

You can't see me but I'm standing up and typing AMEN! Praise the Lord for the increase!

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