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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sorry, but it is my problem.

As I walked through a bus station crowded with teenagers today, I came upon a young man who had no interest in talking with me and was quick to let me know.
I asked him why he was so adamant to get rid of me, but he was unclear about his reasons.

Then I told him that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that I cared about his eternal soul and wanted to see him get saved. 

He quickly said, “Ït’s not your problem.”

I said, “Sorry, but it is my problem.”

Obviously puzzled, he asked how that could be.  I pulled out my New Testament and showed him Mark 16:15 which states, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  I said God made it my problem when He put that in the Bible.  Jesus clearly tells me to come and tell you about Him.
The young man realized it was going to take a little more effort to run me off, so he started talking honestly with me.  He did not understand how everyone needed to go only through Jesus to be saved.

He asked, “What about the people in China?”
I said, “We’ve got people in China telling the same truth that I am telling you.”
He asked, “What about the people in Africa?”
I said, “We’ve got people in Africa telling the same truth that I am telling you.”
He asked, “What about the people in the jungle?”
I said, “We’ve got people in the jungle telling the same truth that I am telling you.”
He asked, “Even in the Amazon?”
I said, “We’ve even got people on a boat in the Amazon River stopping and preaching this truth to people along the way.”

Clearly stumped, the young man listened to me a little bit more , but then his bus was about to leave and he had to go (for now).

Thank you Lord! for giving me the answers to give to this young man.  Please grow the seed planted in his heart and save his precious soul.

Thank you Lord for making him my problem!


Kristi said...

Coming over from A Home Away From Home.
Great answer to this young boy. Praying that seed you planted is watered and takes root!!


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