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Monday, February 28, 2011

No ordinary cookie

This is no ordinary cookie in my hand. This cookie is very special. It is special, not because of what it is made of, but because of who it came from.
Here in ńĆakovec, I have a favorite street corner where I stand daily during  rush hour holding gospel signs for the hundreds who pass by.
My first time on that corner, a month or so ago, a very large man walked by. A few minutes later he walked back by in the other direction with a little boy holding his hand. Apparently the man had walked to a nearby nursery school to pick up his youngest son.
As he passed I reached out to offer him a gospel tract and he politely received it.
Since that day, this man and/or his wife (sometimes both) have passed by that corner to get their little boy. They don't speak English, but I have managed to invite them to church and exchange basic greetings. They are
always polite and are becoming more and more vocal as time goes on.  Thankfully, I have also come to know the names of both of their sons, Kristijan and little Sebastijan.
Today, as they returned from school, both boys came by with their mother, and they had their hands full of cookies. Since Kristijan, Sebastijan and I have gotten to know each other on the street corner over the past few weeks the boys couldn't wait to share their cookies with me.

Thank you, Kristijan and Sebastijan, for sharing your cookies with me.
Someday soon, I hope to share Jesus with you.

This is a very special cookie indeed.


Tori said...

Cookies for the "Big guy" at the corner. What a nice thought!

Tammy said...

Aaawww! How sweet! I'll pray you get to share Jesus with them and their parents.

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