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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great time in Budapest sharing the Word

The arrival of our annual guest speaker, Bro. Bill Smith, presented the opportunity to go to Budapest to pick him up today. Anytime we venture into Hungary we like to go equipped with gospel tracts, ready to distribute them.

We had a great time giving out the Truth today with Kevin Brown and Scott Holcomb. The bus station was packed with people and we gave out several hundred gospel tracts (all that we had).

We were very pleased to see that the response was well above average, with over 75% gladly accepting the tracts.

One lady asked for 10 more so that she could give them to her friends. That's always a blessing.

My heart aches for the millions in Hungary, since most are lost in darkness. But at least several hundred got a fighting chance to learn the Truth about salvation today.

God help us to be busy about spreading your Truth that others might be saved!


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