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Friday, March 11, 2011

Another great day in Hungary

Ištvan Horvat - A man with a desire to serve the Lord

Pastor Telebar and I went to Nagykanizsa, Hungary again to make a deposit for our Hungarian missionary.   In preparation, we equipped ourselves with hundreds of Hungarian gospel tracts. Last time we were in Nagykanizsa, we were greeted with a receptive spirit from the people, and the same was true once again.  We walked around the town center for a couple of hours trying to get tracts into the hand of everyone we encountered.  With few exceptions, almost everyone there received a tract. 

One very special blessing came when we encountered Ištvan Horvat.  Bro Rajko handed him a tract and after looking at it for a few seconds, he called out to get us to back and talk to him.  Although neither of us can understand Hungarian speech, Ištvan was able to make it clear to us that he already had Jesus in his heart.  He gestured to us, asking if he could have some tracts to pass out himself.  We gladly accommodated him.  What a great joy to encounter this precious man with a desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was there, in the perfect spot,at the perfect time, waiting for his opportunity to serve the Lord.  Wow!


Tori said...

Wow, what a blessing to know that the ministry of Stablo Zivota is even effecting those in Hungary.

Tammy said...

Amen! that is awesome!

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