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Monday, December 26, 2011

A great day in the House of God on Christmas Day

We had great day in the House of God on Christmas Day! The Lord blessed through the preaching of His Word. Bro Johnny Leslie, preaching in the Croatian language, did a marvelous job. God met with us!  We had a total of three services, and over 100 people in attendance over the course of the day. The photos show some of the highlights of our services.

Some of the children doing a skit for our Christmas program

The big finale - Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  Amen!

Hannah Leslie singing a special in our evening service.  She sang beautifully!

Bro Scott Holcomb singing Silent Night in English AND in Croatian. Wow.

Bro Scott Holcomb and Bro Kevin Brown playing a special in the morning service. Praise the Lord!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Project, Please Help:

Stjepan Juras, a kind and gracious man about 65 years old came up to us on the street today. He was happy to see us standing for Christ with our gospel signs. After he found out we were from America, he told us he has family in America, but has lost contact with them. He lives with a broken heart wanting to find his lost family members. I have his complete address and would love to help him reconnect with his loved ones. Please re-post the following or whatever you can do to assist.

Stjepan Juras is searching for his loved ones in America. He heard they may be in the Carolinas, but really has no idea. He is about 65 years old and misses his family dearly.
If anyone in America knows the Juras family from Croatia, please contact SAM WARD through for Stjepan's complete address.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you quoting the King James Bible?

Many common English sayings have their origins in the King James Bible.
English speaking people have quoted the King James Bible for generations, whether they know it or not, and whether they intended to or not.

This is a small list of sayings I found in the King James Bible in my regular
reading.  I am sure there must be more that I haven't yet noticed.

Do you know of one? If so, leave it in a comment.

blind lead the blind - Matthew 15:14
drop of a bucket - Isaiah 40:15
leopard change his spots - Jeremiah 13:23
gave up the ghost - Lamentation 1:19
in the mean time - Luke 12:1
good while - Genesis 46:29
put words in his mouth - Exodus 4:15
high time - Romans 13:11
such and such - 2 Kings 6:8
heard tell  - Numbers 21:1
the other day - Judges 13:10
holier than thou  - Isaiah 65:5
used to do - Judges 14:10
now a days - 1 Samuel 25:10
played the fool - 1 Samuel 26:21
heard say - 2 Samuel 19:2
take it to his heart - 2 Samuel 19:19
the half was not told me - 1 Kings 10:7
light thing - 1 Kings 16:31
here and there - 1 Kings 20:40
his day shall come - 1 Samuel 26:10
wit's end - Psalm 107:27
hold ye your peace - 2 Kings 2:3
skin of my teeth - Job 19:20
see eye to eye - Isaiah 52:8
showers of blessing - Ezekiel 34:26
apple of his eye - Deuteronomy 32:10
salt of the earth - Matthew 5:13

Monday, December 12, 2011

Golden opportunity on the corner

Today as I was standing on my corner with a gospel message at rush hour, two older ladies with worried looks came up and one asked me if I thought there were any taxis in town.  There are none, so I let her know that and asked where they needed to go.
It turns out they had locked themselves out of their car at the nearby hospital and needed a ride across town to get another key. 
I was only too happy to oblige and this gave me a perfect opportunity to be a blessing and a witness to them, and to practice a little Croatian along the way.
Praise the Lord!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Glorious time on the streets today

We had a glorious time during "School Bus Rush" time in Cakovec today. Matthew Holcomb, Xavier Holcomb, and Josh Leslie all came out to take a bold stand for Christ. The Lord gave us good weather and PLENTY of traffic.
Hundreds and hundreds had the opportunity to read the gospel message as they drove through town, including all the high schoolers who ride all those buses in the background.
We praise the Lord for the opportunity to stand up for HIM.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Only Jesus Saves. Ye must be born again

This is Bro Scott Holcomb standing with me recently during rush hour in ńĆakovec, letting the whole town know, Only Jesus Saves. Ye must be born again.

Talk about Ice Cold

Croatia is a beautiful place and I love it. However, this year we apparently skipped right over fall and went straight into winter. During many recent days, I have looked at the weather on the web and seen the words "freezing fog". The photos I took on the way home from church the other day show what happens to the grass and trees when fog freezes.
So far this year we have had no snow, but we've certainly had a fair share of ice.

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