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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What if....

  • What if a little church in Čakovec Croatia went to the capitol city of Zagreb to pass out John and Romans and witness in the streets?
  • What if twenty-five people scattered out downtown and passed out hundreds of these John and Romans?
  • What if every John and Romans had gospel tracts tucked inside?
  • What if a man received one of these, but was soon detained by the police for some reason?
  • What if that man was kept in jail for hours with that John and Romans and those gospel tracts in his hand?
  • What if he decided to read the information he had received? (After all, he had a little time to kill.)
  • What if the gospel tracts made perfect sense to him?
  • What if he realized he is a sinner who deserves to go to hell for all eternity but Jesus loves him, died for his sins, and wants to save his soul?
  • What if he decided to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour right then and there?
  • What if he was so excited to have found Jesus that he shared that information with all the others who were detained with him?
  • What if he was released in a short while, just after the scheduled time of his planned protest?
  • What if he was the well-known, public leader of the protests that are happening all over Croatia?
  • What if this man called your pastor on Sunday to rejoice about his salvation and say, Thank You! ?
  • What if they had a good conversation and agreed that salvation through Jesus Christ is the answer for all of Croatia?
  • What if your pastor told you all about it at church on Sunday evening?
I bet you would be rejoicing just like I am.

My God, How Great Thou Art!


Tori said...

Oh wow, Glory to God Bro. Sam! That's all most unbelievable. We're praising the Lord today. WOW HE SURE IS GOOD! and those 25 people are pretty cool too.

Tammy said...

Wonderful! Praise the Lord!

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