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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just An Idea

I had a great blessing from God the other day!
A couple of years ago, the idea came to me to display my Gospel tracts on the table while eating out in order to take better advantage of the opportunity to spread the Gospel. Everyone who walks by (and the waiter/waitress) can get at least a portion of the Gospel message.
Many people make comments, some ask if they can have one, and others pause as they walk by in order to read the titles. I like getting seated in a high traffic area to maximize the outreach.

Last Saturday at the Chinese buffet, a lady walked by a couple of times, and the third time she came by she asked for a church tract, briefly explaining that she and her husband were both saved long ago, had taught Sunday School in a Baptist church, recently moved to the area, and were searching for a new church home. Praise the Lord!
Lo and behold, at 10:30 the next morning, they came walking into the auditorium and worshiped with us! What a blessing. (Let's all just stand up and shout hallelujah!)

Hundreds of others have seen the tracts as they passed by, and have read, "Eternal Life is a Free Gift", and "Where will you spend eternity?"

Just an idea.
Romans 1:16
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