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Saturday, April 18, 2009


This blurry little photo blesses my heart. I took it Thursday night before English class when Ling came over to me excitedly saying that she had done her homework and wanted me to check it. I am deeply moved to see the writing done by this precious little Chinese lady when she copied a verse of Scripture. Even though she doesn't yet comprehend the meaning of the precious words she has written down, she is making steps toward that by the work she is doing. It seems to me that I read somewhere how God's word is quick and powerful. You can see where she translated the word shepherd in an effort to understand. She works very hard, and is determined. Hopefully before Monday's class I will be able to go over it with her in some detail and attempt to explain who the Good Shepherd really is.

This was her first effort to copy verses and she did several of them. Maybe she was especially motivated this week because she had told me last Saturday that they were moving to New York the following Monday! Perhaps as the tears began to stream down my silent face, she truly understood that this is not just your ordinary English class. Her eyes welled with tears then too. Fortunately the information on the pending move turned out to be a miscommunication from relatives in China, so Ling and her husband Peter are still here for at least "a month or two".
Oh God, help me to reach them for Christ before they return to Buddha's stronghold in Chinatown, New York!

At the restaurant today, Ronny told me that he, his children, and his grandmother will be in church Sunday! Praise God! and Pray always.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for a broken heart for people and a love for souls. Please break my heart more, and increase my burden so that my love for others will be more like yours.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Prayer Request

If you are reading this, please join me in praying for an opportunity to return to Croatia this summer for another Soul-Winning Marathon! My heart's desire is to return in late May for another two weeks of standing in the streets and proclaiming the name of Jesus to all who pass by.
My heart yearns for another opportunity to "stand in the gap" and offer the Truth of God's Word to those that are lost. The heartache I have when I consider 4-1/2 million Croatian people walking in darkness, not knowing where to turn for truth, is more than I can bare.
It takes money to get there, and I don't have the $1,300 for the airfare, but I know God does. I believe God wants me to trust Him for it, and I know when He provides it that He will again give strength to overcome my Muscular Dystrophy, and Holy Spirit power to win souls and proclaim truth.
We only have one Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary family, the Johnny Leslies, in the country, and they could use some help and encouragement. I want so much to see souls saved over there, and I sure want to be a blessing and help to that precious family.
I have been to Croatia twice and God has miraculously provided the airfare BOTH times before. I know He wants me to wait upon Him, rather than go into debt, and I do not want to get ahead of God's blessing. Without Him, we can do nothing.
Last year, 76 precious souls came to Christ, and this year I am praying to see 100 souls saved. I can see this in my mind's eye, and I long to be there watching it happen. Oh how we want to reach the Croatian people, and start a raging fire of revival there that will burn till Jesus comes.
We will stand in the streets witnessing all day, conduct public services at night, and beg God for help in between. It will be a time of great victory for Christ.
Please join me in begging God for the opportunity, so that we may rejoice together when it comes to pass. Praise the Lord!

Psalm 126:5-6 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Oh God! Save Croatia!
Here am I. Send Me!
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