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Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Buddha is Idol, but Jesus is God" - Amen

Trista said, "Yes, Buddha is idol, but Jesus is God"
During a recent visit to the Chinese restaurant that I began to frequent in an attempt to win the workers to Christ, I was able to speak for a few moments with Trista, the precious little hostess with a smile that brightens everyone's day. I suspected she was already saved from past conversations about some of the gospel tracts I had given to her, but now I have a clear testimony from her. (When I quote her words below, it is by no means to make fun of her accent. Eternal God knows I dearly love these people. I simply want to convey the moment and how precious it is to hear testimony like this from someone whose first language is Chinese.

I was explaining to Trista how I want Ling (the waitress) to know who Jesus is.
Trista said to me, "In Chinese culture, very difficult. You learn at early age about Buddha. Everything Buddha." I said, "Yes, I want Ling to hear how Buddha is dead, but Jesus lives." Then Trista said the most beautiful words I had heard that day. She clearly testified, "Yes, Buddha is idol, but Jesus is God". It was so beautiful to me to hear her say that and for it to sink in to me that Trista knows Jesus. I pray she will get a strong burden for the others and become an ally in the effort to bring the gospel to them.
Amen Trista, and Bless the Lord, O my soul!
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