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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mailbox Blessing

I checked the mailbox after language class this morning and was blessed to find a small yellow slip of paper showing there was a package at the post office for me.
I suspected what the package might contain, and sure enough, I was right. Something of immense value had arrived.
I received 9,000 gospel tracts in the Hungarian language.
These tracts represent 9,000 opportunities for Hungarians to learn the truth about free salvation in Jesus Christ; 9,000 opportunities for Hungarians to read how Jesus died to pay for all their sins; 9,000 opportunities for there to be rejoicing in the presence of the angels over each sinner who gets gloriously saved; 9,000 opportunities for new names to be written down in glory; 9,000 opportunities for Hungarians to be in heaven one day to glorify the Lord for all eternity.

What a great blessing from my mailbox today!

Now, we are once again well equipped for our trips into Hungary and for the Hungarian tour buses that frequently come to our city. Thank you Lord!
And, the really great thing about gospel tracts is that they not only tell the gospel message to the first one who reads them, but they keep on telling it to everyone else into whose hand they happen to come.

I don't speak Hungarian, but these tracts certainly do.


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