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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Hitchhiker Ministry? - Who would've thought?

I met a new hitchhiker today and his name is Petar. I had the privilege of getting to know him a little bit and giving him a brief gospel presentation in our few minutes together.
Croatia tends to be safe and people here commonly use hitchhiking as a means of transportation.
I have now been blessed with the chance to witness to about six people in this way.
Petar was actually traveling in the opposite direction from me, but given the place he was standing I guessed where he was headed and knew it wouldn’t take too long to get him there.  We had about ten minutes together and it was a blessing to get to know him.   I am sure that he and I will meet again.

Now I am tuned in to watch for hitchhikers and I am disappointed when I don’t find one.  (It’s funny how that works.)

If someone would have told me years ago that I would have a ministry to hitchhikers on the opposite side of the world I would not have believed it.

They that sow in tears SHALL reap in joy.


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