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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Great day in Budapest

Our Pastor-Jim Pranger

Monday we returned to Budapest so our guest preacher Bro Bill Smith could catch his flight home. 
Then, we met up with Bro Jim Pranger (photo) and hit the streets of Budapest to give out the gospel message.
It was a glorious time!  Bro Pranger is always armed with thousands of gospel tracts so we were well-equipped as he took us to a busy corner.  People were everywhere. (LOST PEOPLE WHO DESPERATELY NEED JESUS.)
In the space of a couple of hours, we had talked with a few who could speak some English and given out hundreds and hundreds of gospel tracts, giving precious Hungarians a fighting chance to learn about the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ who loved them so much he laid down his life on the cross to pay for their sins and proved his ability to save when he triumphantly rose from the dead.
O Praise the Lord with me for his glorious power and the opportunity to serve him!
I thank God for Jim Pranger and his dedication to the work of the Lord.


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