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Friday, May 21, 2010

Catching Up

Praise the Lord!  I am glad to report that I have received a Visa and ID card!  These all-important documents represent a milestone.  I have been in the country for seven weeks now and just received my visa last week, enabling me to sign a contract for internet and mobile telephone service. It seemed a little strange being somewhat isolated from contact for a few weeks, but that is certainly a small price to pay for the privilege of living my dream and doing the work that God put me here to do.
The first seven weeks have been very busy with soulwinning, setting up an apartment, and starting language school (Croatian is a fascinating language).
I have also learned that I can now walk farther than I ever imagined!  I have spent many hours walking through town and witnessing in the streets. (Most Croatians learn English in school nowadays, so I can easily witness to most people under the age of thirty.)  The center of town is 2 miles from my apartment, and I walk that distance regularly.  One day I walked it twice - 8 miles total!  And, I did it without the use of my walking cane.  This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.
I have had the incomparable joy of leading 12 Croatians to Christ since I arrive on 3/27.  One young man's name is Goran,  and God in His infinite mercy caused my path to cross with Goran's and now Goran is gloriously and eternally saved.  (Let's all stand and shout Hallelujah.)
To my great delight, the elderly are even receptive to me.  Although I cannot converse much with them because of the language barrier, some things transcend language.  They seem to understand that someone cares about them. (We think they respect my gray hair too!)  Praise God for gray hair.
I am full of great joy and anticipation for what God is doing and will do in this country as we stand in the way of those headed for an eternity in hell.  But, at the same time, I have a broken heart for the young and old alike as I see them each day coming closer to their eternity.
Within a week or so, I'll be purchasing a car and then the entire country will be within my reach.  We will be developing a plan to reach every city, village, rest stop, gas station, sidewalk, and parking lot with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank God He is still on the throne and still has the power, desire and grace to save!
We are expecting Croatia to be turned upside down for Christ.

Praise the Lord!


robert said...

God bless you my brother. This is Gods will for you and I am glad to hear you are doing well. I miss your presence and inspiration around but know Croatia needs it a lot more. Your always in my prayers brother!

Johnny said...

Praise God you are here Bro. Sam! It's already been great and I'm sure we are just getting started!

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