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Monday, May 24, 2010

God has provided again

I finally have a car of my own after two months in Croatia and I a thrilled with it!  Now, I can go anywhere in the country and stand up for Christ in the streets.  When I arrived in Croatia, the vehicle that I was first attracted to because of its apparent practicality is a Citroen Berlingo.  It is a great economy vehicle and very versatile because of its unique design.  It is similar to a minivan, but without one row of seats, and with a little more cargo room in the back.
Wouldn't you know it?  Just when the time came for me to purchase a car, there was an immaculate Citroen Berlingo available at a very reasonable price, and it is only seven years old.  I thought I might have to spend $7,000 to get a reliable vehicle, but this one was priced at $6,000.
In  addition, it has an air conditioner, which is not all that common here in Croatia - especially in an economy car.
Praise the Lord for His provision.

Look out Croatia!  Here I come.


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