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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Man Named Marko

Today in Croatia,  a 33 year old man named Marko awakened like any other day, and went about his usual routine.  As he made his way through the town square of Varazdin, every step bringing him a second closer to eternity, someone stepped in front of him and asked him a question.  Marko, with his imposing six foot frame, black leather jacket and sunglasses, suddenly lost all interst in wherever he had been going, and became concerned about his eternal destiny.
Marko already knew he was a sinner (like the rest of us), and after seeing some Bible verses, he agreed he was headed toward eternity in a burning hell.
Then Marko got to hear about the free gift of eternal life that is available to all who put their faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work of redemption. 
In just a few minutes Marko, unconcerned about all the people walking all around, bowed his head right then and there and asked Jesus to save his eternal soul.
Say a prayer for Marko that he will grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that he will one day soon be stepping in front of others and asking them a question.


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