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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yet Another Great Blessing

God has given me yet another great blessing - the privilege of getting to know missionary Scott Holcomb.  Scott and his family arrived in Croatia on December 31st.  I had only briefly met Scott in passing during his visit to Trinity Baptist Church, so I knew very little about what to expect of him.  What I have found has truly blessed my heart beyond all expectations.  Brother Scott Holcomb is a man with a kind and gracious spirit, a burden for souls, and a gift for everything needed on the mission field.
He is a soul-winner, preacher, teacher, musician (sings and plays guitar), handyman, driver, and a master on the Bar-B-Q grill. Take a look at some photos of my friend, Scott Holcomb - Servant of God.
Making his point during a lesson.
 Singing the special for the day.

With gospel tracts in hand, Scott is on the hunt for someone to share the gospel with.
 Lending a hand to get my furniture put together along with Bro Johnny.
(I was operating in a supervisory capacity.)
Doing his best to feed all of us one Friday evening.

Getting ready to enjoy one of our favorite Croatian specialties - mixed meat and potatoes. Mmmmm!

Sharing the gospel in the streets of Zagreb (Croatia's Capitol)

Praise the Lord for Scott Holcomb!  It is a privilege to serve the Lord with him.


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