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Monday, February 18, 2013


GOD PROVIDES: My wardrobe began to thin out recently with broken zippers, torn pockets and lost buttons, and I needed some way to get the stuff fixed. After much consideration on how to locate a tailor here in Croatia, the thought came to me to just ask the lady who cuts my hair. So, today I stopped by and asked her if she knew someone who could help me. She said, "I sure do, let me call her for you". She called and they talked for a minute and she told the lady she would send me over. (Then I thought, How am I ever going to follow her directions to some place I've never been when there are few street signs over here?) Then, she stepped out her front door and pointed down the block and said, "See that big white door right there by the orange building. She's right there." Sure enough she was "right there". She has all my stuff and it will fixed by tomorrow! Thank you LORD!


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