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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sage Stallone, eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, found dead at 36

Another tragedy is in the headlines today:  Sage Stallone, eldest son of Sylvester Stallone, found dead at 36

Another young life wasted and cut short - the suspected cause being a drug overdose.  How very sad!

This is yet more proof (as if we needed any more) that wealth and fame cannot buy happiness and will never provide contentment.  This young man had a very famous father with whom he had starred in movies.  This young man had all that the world has to offer readily available to him - yet it was not enough.  It could never be enough.
We see this over and over again among the rich and famous. They have money, glory, and fame, so why do they still reach for the alcohol and drugs, and why do they seek to have multiple relationships? Because no matter what they get from the world, it cannot fill the God-shaped void in their hearts.  Only God can fill that void.  Only God can provide the happiness and contentment people need.  Knowing God loves you so much that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus to die on the the cross for your sin can help you see that you have value in God's eyes.  We are all disposable in the world's eye - here today, gone tomorrow.  But in God's eye, we are all worth dying for.  Only in looking at the cross of Christ, where He sacrificed Himself for us, can we truly see the value that God places on us.

If Sage Stallone had known this great truth, if he had had a personal relationship with the One who died for him and rose again, perhaps he would not have needed the drugs to feel important or forget his sadness.  Perhaps he would have been content knowing Christ as His personal Saviour.  Perhaps he would still be with us.  Perhaps his father would not be suffering the immense grief he feels today.  If only Sage had truly known Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour - if only.


Rahul said...

It certainly sounds as if this young man had everything to live for. It probably was some sort of accident with his medication. Being that there were no signs of trauma or struggle. It actually happens a lot. I wish all his friends and family my most heartfelt condolences in their time of grief.

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