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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Basic Premise of Evolution

Evolution's Basic Premise

Please Note: (If this seems ridiculous, just replace "minutes" with "million years". Then it will all make perfect sense.)

One day long ago nothing exploded and became all the universes.

30 minutes later

Earth cooled down and rain began to fall from somewhere

30 minutes later

Random substances spontaneously came to life and began to group together and reproduce

30 minutes later

Some cell groups became fish, others became sea snakes, crabs, etc. (Some somehow became female and others male (simultaneously), so reproduction continued.)

30 minutes later

Some of the male and female fish grew legs and arms (simultaneously) and walked out of the water onto dry land, figured out how to breathe the air, and live off the land.

30 minutes later

Some of them grew hair and started climbing trees, others grew feathers and wings and began to fly.

30 minutes later

Some of them in the trees decided to live on the ground, lost a lot of the hair, started walking upright, became self-aware, made clothing, learned to talk to one another, to think, to plan, to wonder, to imagine, to build.

30 minutes later

Here we all are.


Jim Ward said...

Do you mind if I repost this on my facebook?

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