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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great time in Brasov Romania

Last Thursday I arrived in Brasov, Romania to spend a few days working with and learning from Bro Gerald Sutek, who has been street preaching for many years.
We are having a great time preaching in the town square along with a group of over 20 young Americans who came for an intense 7-week Bible course taught by Bro Sutek and Bro Brent Logan.
I had the opportunity to attend 5 days of classes with them and it has been a blessing.
Friday night is street preaching night in the town square. The police come regularly to harass the preachers, attempting to stop the preaching. The law in Romania permits public preaching, but the police have continued their pattern of intimidation for the past seven years anyway.  Please pray the brethren will remain bold and continue to declare the word of God.


Anonymous said...

Ya, because breaking the law is so Godly right?

sam3673 said...

Dear squirrel,
Perhaps you overlooked the statement in my post that said, "The law in Romania permits public preaching".
Thanks for caring enough to comment.

Horghidan's said...

Este foarte palpitant sa mergi cu bro. Sutek pe strada la evanghelizare, este un om devotat in ceiace face. Eu sunt in foto nr.2,in spatele politistilor, de multe ori am discutat cu ei, unii abuzeaza de pozitia lor, altii sunt baieti faini, saptamana trecuta chiar am vorbit cu un politist jumatate de ora din biblie.

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