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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Trip...Great Blessing

My recent trip to Dubrovnik was a tremendous blessing. I never thought I would be able to see my eldest son here in the land that God brought me to.  He and his wife booked a cruise they knew would stop in Croatia.  We spent the whole day together in the old city of Dubrovnik and had a great time.
Isn't it just like God, to bring an unexpected blessing our way?
As planned, on the return trip, I was able to makes stops in Split, Šibenik, and Zadar to evangelize.  I stayed gone for six days, gave out hundreds of tracts, preached a few times to several groups in the streets, and stood for hours with gospel signs during rush hour traffic.  It was a rich blessing.

Photos are not in specific order, but I hope you enjoy them.

Jeff and his wife Taylor

Overlooking Dubrovnik

The cruise ship that brought them

On the way home, I had mountains on the right and the Adriatic Sea on the left. A beautiful drive.

Sitting at the Bosnian border checkpoint on the way home

Who would've thought I would ever be in this part of the world?

Standing with gospel signs in Split

Standing with Gospel signs in Zadar (busy place)

Harbor inlet at Krk (yes, KRK)

Old City - Dubrovnik

The stars of the show in Dubrovnik

Meeting some friendly guys near the High School in Šibenik

Main flower shop in Šibenik

Main market area in Šibenik

WW2 Memorial in Šibenik

Old Gate to Ancient Zadar

Harbor at Zadar

View on the way home


Tori said...

Bro. Sam,
Wow, God sure is good. It's amazing that He brought your son and his pretty wife to your part of the world. He is so good about meeting those quiet desires.
God bless you Sam, we're so proud to have you in Croatia.
BTW, it seems that every church we go to someone knows Sam and loves him.
Bless ya Sam!

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