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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Romanian Roadside Auto Repair & Evangelization

Not being much of a mechanic makes my experience at Romanian roadside auto repair all the more special to me.
One road I needed to get back across the border from Romania to Hungary was closed for construction, forcing me to detour through a region that was not on the GPS systems at all. As I meandered through the Romanian countryside vaguely knowing I was headed in the general direction of Hungary, there was a lady standing on the road trying to flag down some help after her car broke down.
Thinking this was going to be strange, since I don't speak Romanian, and I am not good at fixing modern cars and I only had one small tool (a miniature Swiss Army Knife/Nail Clipper), I quickly decided to pull over to assist.
After all, no one leaves a lady standing on the road in need of help.
Strange as it may seem (shocking really), I was able to diagnose the problem with the car in about one minute. It was the exact same problem I had fixed on a friend's car in 1981 (30 years ago). All I had to do was cut one small wire, peel the rubber coating back from it and re-attach it. All of which can be accomplished with just one tool (a miniature Swiss Army Knife/Nail Clipper).
Even though the lady spoke no English, I was able to understand that she was glad I came along.
Then, and most importantly, I was able to pass along to her some Romanian gospel tracts and gesture to her that she should read them. With a look of appreciation in her eyes, she readily indicated she would read them.
How often does a guy from America drive a car from Croatia through
the countryside of Romania and stop to fix a lady's car, and just happened to have gospel tracts in the language of the lady he stopped to help?
I wonder if she got the message and got saved. God was sure working hard to see that the message got delivered.
Thank God for detours.

(Do you carry gospel tracts on you? What kind of an opportunity might you get if you did? What opportunity have you missed?)


Johnny said...

Praise the Lord! You are so right we must always be looking for those opportunities that God sets in front of us!

Hayley said...

Actually, I found this blog post by searching for "Romanian gospel tracts." Where did you get the tracts from and is there a particular tract you would recommend for either Romanians or English-speakers?

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