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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A great day of witnessing

Today was a great day for witnessing in Čakovec. I walked through the downtown this morning and was able to give out around 70 gospel tracts. 
Then went to the bus station at 2:00 and talked with many teenagers who were waiting for their 2:15 departures. Eighty-five of them accepted gospel tracts and I had a very pleasant time chatting and making them laugh a little to put them at ease.
Then, after holding up a gospel sign for all the bus riders to read as they departed, I made my way to the south of town to stand with the gospel signs for rush hour. (It got all the way up to 27 deg F today - It felt like a heat wave!). A higher-than-usual number of people responded positively to the Bible verses as they passed by.
As rush hour ended I went to meet Pastor Telebar so that we could make a visit to the Gypsy village of Kuršanec to encourage Brother Dejan and his family. While there, I had the joy of watching Brother Telebar lead a man named Damir to Christ.

What a wonderful day!

Praise God for an opportunity to serve the Lord.
God save Croatia!

Psalam 126:5 Oni koji siju u suzama, žeti će u radosti.

(Psalms 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.)


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