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Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

While standing on the corner with a gospel sign in Austin during morning rush hour I received a call from my missionary in Croatia, Johnny Leslie.  He had located a ground floor apartment in Cakovec Croatia for me at a good price and very near to the church! Hallelujah.
Since I will be arriving there on 3/27 - 12 days from today - it was very timely to locate a place for me.   They emailed pictures to my phone and we made the arrangements for a deposit to be made - all while holding a gospel sign - Amen!
As it turns out, this is a very small, BRAND NEW apartment building.
The Croatian people believe in using a lot of bright color to liven things up.  NO, this building is not pink, it is peach. (And I don't want to hear any more about that! :-)

Below you can see it has a great looking shower.

I'm not sure what this room is for, but they call it a k-i-t-c-h-e-n.

God is good!  He has provided a neat little place for me to live while I endeavor to serve Him on the mission field of Croatia. And He did it during rush hour on a street corner in Austin.  (That was an exhasting search for a place to live!)
On 3/27/10, this will be home sweet home.  Wow!


Tori said...

It's a nice place Bro. Sam, nicer than I've ever seen in an apartment. BTW, that shower is awesome!! It even has a foot massager, WOW! I'm sure you're gonna need it as much as you get around!

We're excited, can't wait to see ya!

Larry and Paula Brocklesby said...

Brother Sam,
We think that your new home looks wonderful. So new and pretty.
God bless and keep you as you head there,

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