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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why is Football So Important?

It's not the game, but the people who attend it that are so vitally important. So important because Jesus Christ died on the cross for every one of them, and gave us who are saved a command in Scripture - not once, but several times over - to be a witness to them. A college or pro football game is an occasion where many thousands (sometimes over 100,000) are brought to a single place at a single time on a single day. What a golden opportunity!
In Arlington, we are blessed to have the new Dallas Cowboys stadium ten minutes from our church. Thousands and thousands of never-dying souls come to this place on a regular basis at a pre-determined time. Glory Hallelujah! We are privileged to stand near the entrance and pass gospel tracts to as many as will accept them, and to testify of the death and resurrection of Christ before them all.
Many of these are people that would otherwise have no need or reason to come to our area, but because God in His providence brought this stadium to our backdoor, we have a tremendous outreach opportunity before us.
After the games, we are able to stand on the streets with our Scripture signs for all to read as they leave town. Wow! How could we be so blessed? We are unworthy.

Thank you God for football.

Mark 6:34 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them ....


Tori said...

That's great Bro. Sam. You're so right, what an opportunity!
Praise the Lord that you are willing to take folks with you and give all those people an opportunity.

BTW, we're praying for ya and all our folks are too. Can't wait for your arrival!

Johnny said...

Wonderful post Brother Sam! Many see the problems with the stadium in Arlington; it is so good that you see the opportunity! See ya soon, then we can stake out the soccer stadiums across Europe!

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