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Monday, March 23, 2009

What If?

  1. What if I went on a business trip to Atlanta and dined in a restaurant with an international theme?
  2. What if I saw a waitress wearing a name tag saying she was from Addis Ababa?
  3. What if I had a missionary friend in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia?
  4. What if I asked the waitress if she had family still in Ethiopia?
  5. What if she does have family there, and the fact I knew where Addis Ababa was really got her attention?
  6. What if I told her about my missionary friend, and gave her a gospel tract as I left the restaurant?
  7. What if I returned the following day to see if I could get a few seconds of her time?
  8. What if she came over to the table and I asked for an address for her family so my missionary friend could visit them?
  9. What if she couldn't remember it all right then, but she gave me her own address and said my missionary friend should write to her and she will look up her family's address and give it to him?
  10. What if I passed this information on to my missionary friend, James Downs, in Addis Ababa?
  11. What if James has confirmed he will be writing to her very soon?
  12. What if he writes her?
  13. What if she is very impressed and moved by receiving a letter from Ethiopia as a result of this encounter?
  14. What if she follows through and gets her family's address to him?
  15. What if James Downs visits them and tells them someone met their daughter in Atlanta and it creates an open door for the gospel in their home?
  16. What if they get saved and become faithful members of the church there?
  17. What if they get called to preach and end up evangelizing their own country in a way that a foreigner might never be able to do?
  18. What if thousands come to Christ as a result of their ministry?
  19. What if there are untold thousands of Ethiopians in heaven with us one day as a result of this encounter at a restaurant? far we're only up to number 11, but I plan to ask big and think big because the Word of God says He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

What if?
What if I had said nothing to her?

Please whisper a prayer that Acham Lisanework of Stone Mountain Georgia, and her entire family, will come to Christ.

God is not willing that any should perish.


Johnny said...

With God all things are possible! What if with God is as unlimitted as God! It's amazing just what our God can do!

KLEM62 said...

What if? - my heart is pierced at all the times I have just walked out the door, yet encouraged at all the many possibilites that could be real in this dear family's future! To God Be The Glory! Amen Bro. Sam.

Tammy said...

Oh the power of the spoken word, if only we will open our mouths at every opportunity to be Jesus to somebody.

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