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Monday, March 23, 2009

School Is Such A Blessing!

Well...Praise the Lord. It is shortly after midnight and I have just arrived home from teaching English at the China Sea Buffet. I made it there tonight at 9:35, just in time to enjoy a big bowl of Pig Leg soup with my Chinese friends. That's right...Pig Leg soup. This is not something you can get at the buffet. This is something they whipped up special for themselves to enjoy after closing, and they were eager to share it with me. That is such an honor.
Tonight, school started right after cleanup at 10:25, and sadly we had to stop at midnight. First, we practiced the "th" sound in the, this, that, then, there, etc. It is a very difficult sound for the Chinese to produce and yet so important to the English language. We spent a half hour on that subject. Then, we reviewed last week's material on the long sound of the letter "a" along with the vocabulary words, and then we moved on the short sound of "a", learning more vocabulary words as we went along.
As tonight's fun exercise, I presented each student with a small map of the United States showing each state's abbreviation, along with a printed list of the abbreviations and their accompanying state names. As I suspected, this proved to be very fascinating. We had a lot of fun looking up the states on the map and learning which states are surrounding Texas. After that, we reviewed flash cards of the state names and worked at pronouncing them. They are picking up on phonics, showing they can sound out the words.
Wow! I get to be here and see this firsthand. We reiterated several times how we are all "jao peng you" (very good friends). I am having so much fun I can hardly stand it. When God saves them all, I will be out of control for a while I'm sure.
To God Be The Glory.


Tori said...

Okay Bro. Sam, you are obviously a natural at this. What a blessing you must be to them.

Pig leg soup???

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