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Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's All Just Stand Up And Shout Hallelujah!

Well...tonight was the first night for English class at the China Sea Buffet and God showed up in great power and blessed the evening in a wonderful way. I went there with no confidence in myself, but confidence in the Lord because He was the one who put it all together. If anyone had told me six months ago that I would be doing this, I would not have believed it. Never mind six months ago, not even two months ago!

We started at 10:00 with the intent to go for only a half hour because the precious people have been working so hard all day. However, after the first thirty minutes, we were learning so much and having so much fun, they wanted to go another half hour! Let's All Just Stand Up And Shout Hallelujah!

I went in there concerned I would stutter and stammer around and find it difficult to get started, but it was far more difficult to get stopped. I found myself saying many things just like an actual English teacher might say. I actually stood in amazement a few times. Praise the Lord! What a mighty God we serve!

The joy and love in the room was precious, and the people were enjoying themselves and speaking up and responding in an incredible way. I was thrilled. I explained that this was a very special day for me and I wanted a photograph, which they were very pleased to pose for.

From left: Eric, Peter, Peter's wife Ling, Jack, and Ronny.

Then of course, they would not be pleased if I wasn't in the photo, so Ling stood to take a photo of all the "gentlemen".

When it was over, we clarified for everyone that we would be meeting again on Thursday at 10:00 PM. Then Ronny piped in, "We will all learn English and we will all go to church!" Let's All Just Stand Up And Shout Hallelujah!

I cannot fathom the thought of these dear people spending eternity in hell. Oh God! Save them all.

I know God is about to do a mighty work here, and I cannot believe that he is permitting me to stand close enough to see it happen.

In our goodbyes this evening Ling said, "Thank you, my English teacher".

1Ch 17:16b ... Who am I, O LORD God, and what is mine house, that thou hast brought me hitherto?
I am not a wealthy man, but I am rich beyond all my expectations. Praise the Lord!


Carrie said...

My eyes are so filled with tears I can hardly type. Praise the LORD for this amazing opportunity and such a receptive people.
Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in such wonderful way and having such a tender heart to see the Lord's leading.
I will be praying for the Lord to continue to move in a mighty way.

Tammy said...

That is Awesome! Praise the Lord!

Tori said...

Wow, that is incredible Bro. Sam. I'm know that somethings only come by prayer and fasting but I'm sure some come by English Classes. :0)

What a friend they must see in you and I'm sure they see Jesus too.

We're proud to know you!

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