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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homeless Ministry - Special Blessing

Today on the streets with the homeless was quite an experience. After being threatened with physical violence by a Muslim who was offended that Jesus is the only way to heaven, an extra special blessing came our way.
We were joined on the street by some of the younger men from our church and Bible college. One such man is Joel Haynes, son of Mark Haynes, Missionary to the Navajo Nation. Joel is a man who believes the Bible and preaches it at every opportunity. He is a great joy to be around and has blessed our church by his love and zeal for the Lord.

Below is Joel as he begins his message of salvation.

You can see below the fire in his heart as he preaches. Joel knows the truth of the Scriptures, and the certainty of eternal Hell for all who do not accept Christ. He believes the verse that cries out, How shall they hear without a preacher?

Here he moves closer to give an invitation to men to accept Christ and be gloriously saved for all eternity.
In the photo below, Joel appears to be telling them exactly how many ways there are to heaven - only one of course.

Praise the Lord, we had eight gloriously saved today, and brought many to the Mission to hear the Word of God preached.

Joel Haynes is a man in whom is the Spirit of the Living God, and I rejoice that I have had the privilege to know him. May God bless his life and give him a long and fruitful ministry.


Tori said...

Wow wow wow!! Amen for all those precious souls that were saved and for Bro. Haynes and his boldness and obedience to the Lord.

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