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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Farewell to Pennsylvania My Precious Friends

Saying goodbye to friends who move away on job transfers is such a hard thing, especially when they are as precious to me as any family I have ever had.

Pennsylvania will proudly inherit one of the best soul-winning families that Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington has ever had. Their transfer creates new challenges for Quinn and Liz to face, but also opens up new opportunities at Trinity for others to step up and fill their shoes.
This family has meant more to me than I can share here, but rest assured the tears are flowing with their departure. And, I am relying on the comfort and provision of God to heal my aching heart and trust Him to fill the great void left by my precious friends.

May God bless them as they pursue His will for their life.

Roman 8:28


Tori said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that TBC is losing the Fugates, and sorry for you too Bro. Sam.

We'll be praying for them and you, what a blessing to have such special people in our lives if even for a small moment.

Donna Fugate said...

Bro. Sam,
Wow! When I saw the message on your blog about Quinn, Liz,BaiLee, & RyLee it was so touching. You've been a special friend to them as I know they have been to you.
Words can't express how much Dad, Mom, & Austin ,& rest of family will miss them.
However, I'm so proud of them and I know God is going to use them in Pennsylvania. They so want to be a blessing to young people wherever they go.
I'm going to miss them a whole lot.
I will be flying up quite often! Ha!!

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