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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carl Hatch - Soulwinner, God's Man

I had the great joy and privilege to visit a church across town on Monday night to hear Brother Carl Hatch preach. Brother Hatch has been an encouragement and inspiration for soulwinning to me and countless others. He was saved AND called to preach on the same day in 1955, and he has never stopped. His zeal for the Lord and love for souls is a testament to the greatness of our God and God's great love for us.

Carl Hatch believes in witnessing to everyone at every opportunity. Nothing will stop him. He "got over himself" a long time ago - never letting pride or selfishness get in his way. As a result, he has seen thousands upon thousands accept Christ as Saviour.

He has a host of health problems, and has suffered immensely for many years, but never lost his song (the joy of knowing the Lord and serving Him). In spite of the fact he wears oxygen, He still "hollers" when he preaches, and praise God for that. He gets the point across.

I can't believe that I was able to get my picture taken with one of my heroes.

Here he is with my best friend Doug Fugate - another fervent soulwinner who has taught me a lot and inspired me.

I thank the Lord for the privilege of knowing Brother Hatch, and I pray that God will give him many more years to preach, witness, and win souls for Him. That IS the main thing.

"Thank you LORD for Brother Hatch. Oh God, help me to be a better soulwinner."

Carl Hatch - Soulwinner, God's Man. He is a man in whom is the Spirit of the Living God.


Tori Leslie said...

Oh wow, what a blessing that was! Something Johnny still talks about is when we had the privilege of knocking doors with Bro. Hatch during the Week of Soul-Winning.He said that he had never seen anyone with the boldness as Bro. Hatch possessed.

Looked like a great time and praise the Lord that Bro. Hatch is still preaching!

Tori Leslie said...

All fixed now Bro. Sam, and we are honored to call you Friend!

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