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Saturday, June 9, 2012

When Will They Wake Up?

When will the HipHop world awaken to the fact that their "music" encourages a lifestyle that very often leads to tragedy.  The examples set by their singers (their idols) and the lyrics they sing encourage discontent and rebellion.  Everywhere I looked in America, the influence of HipHop was so apparent.  So many desiring to somehow be "different" felt compelled to walk, act, talk, and dress exaclty like their idols on stage - thus desiring to being different they all looked the same.  I never encountered anyone under the heavy influence of HipHop that was full of joy and contentment, but rather full of rage and without hope.

Today, as I read the news headlines, I was saddened to see the violent end of yet another HipHop Rapper.  Nineteen year-old Melvin Vernell III, known in the HipHop world by his nickname of Lil Phat, was shot to death while sitting in his car in a hospital parking lot. Another murderous end to a short, wasted life.

What follows is a quick list I pulled from the internet of rappers whose lives have been cut short by violence. Their lifestyle choices had taken them to dangerous places and brought them into contact with people who place no value on a human life.  When will the HipHop world awaken to the awful danger that has taken hold on a complete generation of young men and is quickly drawing them into a deadly downward spiral?

 1. Big L
 2. Bad News Brown (musician)
 3. Camoflauge
 4. Charizma
 5. Fat Pat (rapper)
 6. Fat-Tone
 7. Freaky Tah
 8 .Big Hawk
 9. Blade Icewood
10. Jam Master Jay
11. Yaki Kadafi
12. Mac Dre
13. Half a Mill
14. The Notorious B.I.G.
15. Seagram (rapper)
16. Tupac Shakur
17. Magnolia Shorty
18. Slim Dunkin
19. Soulja Slim
20. Stretch (rapper)
21. VL Mike
22. Lil Phat

What did these young men all have in common besides their "music"  and the way their lives were tragically cut short?  Each one had an eternal soul for whom Christ died.  Christ wanted every one of these young men put their faith for heaven in Him so they could be saved from the awful, eternal, and fiery punishment of hell.

Where are their eternal souls today?  The pursuit of riches, worldly fame, and fleshly pleasures of this life continually distracts millions from placing their faith in the Lord.  A lifestyle that encourages (even glorifies) danger, drugs, prison, violence, and rebellion will do great harm to untold thousands of young men. Indeed, it already has.

When will the HipHop world awaken?  How many young lives have to be wasted and violently cut short before people see the foolishness of this way?  When will the foolishness end?

Doubtless, many on the list above thought they had many years to deal with the issue of their sin before a holy God.  Sadly, their end came too soon and caught them by surpise. Now they will spend all eternity wishing they had made a different choice while they had the chance.

You have the chance today.  It is not too late for you to wake up and deal with your sin problem.  Don't put it off till tomorrow.  Tomorrow may never come. 

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