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Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Project, Please Help:

Stjepan Juras, a kind and gracious man about 65 years old came up to us on the street today. He was happy to see us standing for Christ with our gospel signs. After he found out we were from America, he told us he has family in America, but has lost contact with them. He lives with a broken heart wanting to find his lost family members. I have his complete address and would love to help him reconnect with his loved ones. Please re-post the following or whatever you can do to assist.

Stjepan Juras is searching for his loved ones in America. He heard they may be in the Carolinas, but really has no idea. He is about 65 years old and misses his family dearly.
If anyone in America knows the Juras family from Croatia, please contact SAM WARD through for Stjepan's complete address.


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