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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Received A Great Email

Monday morning I awoke to find the kind of email that I wish I could get every day.
A man in the capitol city of Zagreb had found our Croatian gospel tracts on my website, which I had scanned and uploaded along with several others in hopes of getting the gospel around the world.
On the website, there are gospel tracts for Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Italian and Polish.
The man who sent the email has a burden for his people right here in Croatia, and now is about to receive the tools necessary to help him get the gospel out.
I was able to ship a shoe box full of tracts to him today and we will stay in touch and keep him supplied. Soon, we may be able to meet and find out more about him and his potential there in the capitol.
It was an encouraging day!
Praise the Lord!


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