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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God is smarter than we are

Many months ago I posted a blog about a man I met in the mechanic shop lobby while waiting for my car to be repaired. We had a great conversation, and I was able to witness to him and invite him to church, etc. I was very excited about the possibility of this man coming to church, getting saved, and living for God. Well, sadly I had not heard from Drago again.
However, today, after our church van failed inspection, we had to go back to the same mechanic shop to have it looked at. Lo and behold, Drago was there again having his car repaired. We were able to have a nice visit and he was able to meet Pastor Telebar. Then, he said to me, "I have been wanting to ask you something. I see you on the streets a lot of times with the signs (my gospel signs) and I wonder what kind of response you get from that."
It blessed my heart that he had been seeing the gospel messages on the street and it had been on his mind. I had the joy of explaining that God wants to speak to people and is trying to do so, and the signs are one way to get people to think about what God wants.
I told him about people who stop to talk to me about the signs and also about believers who have been encouraged to see someone standing up for Christ. I also told him how I run into people all the time that say, "Hey! Didn't I see you out on the street with a Bible sign?" and things like that.
The man seemed to take in all in very thoughtfully. His car was soon ready and it was time to part ways once again. Perhaps his heart will be burdened to find out more about why God so clearly wants to speak to him.
If we had passed our inspection today, this encounter would not have been possible. But God is smarter than we are and He knows what He is doing.



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