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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A great day in the house of God

We had a wonderful day in God’s house today in Varaždin and Čakovec! Praise the Lord!

Two first-time visitors were gloriously and eternally saved by placing their faith in Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God who died for us all and triumphantly rose again from the dead.  

One man who got saved today, Petar, is brother-in-law to Dejan from the village of Kuršanec.  Dejan continues to work hard for the Lord in bringing people from his village.  It is always a blessing to drive the church van to Dejan's house and have so many people pile in that we could not possibly fit another.

The other person who was saved today is the classmate of one of Hannah Leslie's friends.  Hannah's friend was saved just a few months ago and now she is bringing her friends. Praise God!

In addition, Bro Scott Holcomb is currently running a special promotion in the children’s program that he leads every week.  The promotion involves Bible memorization, attendance, bringing your Bible to church, and bringing visitors.  This is the first week of the promotion and already we are seeing good things happen.  Attendance was excellent, and EVERYONE remembered to bring their Bible – EVERYONE.  The spirit of today's meeting was very good and, as shown in the photo, more kids got up to say their memory verse today than we ever had before.

What an incredible day!  Thank God!
Glory to His name.


Tori said...

Wow, Bro. Sam,
That is the exact reason I keep checking your blog; for good reports like that. I can't wait to tell Johnny. He is preaching a mission conference this week so he's in there getting a 45 minute nap.
We miss home so much and all of you. We can't wait to get back.
Please tell everyone hello for us and that we miss them.
Keep the posts coming, they help us to feel like we're still there.

Tammy said...

Praise God! May He keep blessing your efforts.

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