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Saturday, February 27, 2010

God Knows Best

A big blessing this week was the company of Missionary to Serbia, Danny Foss.
I have been in a hurry to get to Croatia for some time now, and there have been several small delays along the way, but God knows what He is doing and His timing is always perfect!
Danny Foss attended our missions conference last week at Trinity Baptist Church and was a blessing to us.  Then, after the conference he needed a place to stay for this week to work out a few local meetings.  Lo and behold, since I was still here in the house he stayed with me.
It was great getting to know Danny a little bit while soulwinning with him.  He has a great burden to see Serbia saved and he is preparing to go there as soon as next January.  He will be the first and only Independent Baptist Missionary in Serbia.  Since we now know one another, and since Serbia is right next to Croatia, and since both countries speak essentially the same language, perhaps I will be able to drop in on Danny once in a while and be a help and encouragement to him. Maybe that is what God had in mind working out my timing the way He has. (Just maybe.)
What a mighty and all-sufficient God we serve.  He knows the end from the beginning.
Oh, and my timing?  I purchased a ticket for March 26th.  I will be in Croatia very soon.
Glory to His name!


Johnny said...

Bro. Sam,

I'm glad you got to meet brother Foss! It's wonderful that he will be preaching to the Serbians!

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