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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Great Reasons To Witness

As I arrived to teach English at the Chinese Restaurant on Monday, these two precious young boys were there with their mom, who was busy working. They are the sons of the owner. Lawrence is on the left and Ricky is on the right.
They also have a baby sister who is two. Her name is Weeko. That's right W-e-e-k-o.

As I have been witnessing to these dear people over the past months, I cannot help but think of the consequences for these little ones if their parents don't accept Christ.
What about them? See the innocence in their little faces.
Will they grow up without knowing Christ?
Will they live without the love of Christ in their lives?
Will they one day die without Him?

God forbid!

Oh my God! Will you please have mercy and save these precious people. They are unworthy, but so was I. They are sinners, but so am I.
Reach down for them into the same pit that you brought me up out of. Set them on the same Rock upon which I stand.

Oh God! Don't let me get to heaven without them!


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