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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Soulwinner Spotlight - Kevin DeAngelo

Kevin DeAngelo is a Bible believing, soul-winning, church planting missionary to the state of New Jersey, and God enabled me to meet him during a recent business trip, in what I believe is a miraculous manner. Just a guy from Texas wandering around in New Jersey seeing customers and God put me together with him. What a blessing!
During a two week sales trip through New york, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, I drove through a neighborhood going from one highway to another when I noticed an old Reformed Faith church building. What caught my eye was the temporary signs out on the lawn near the curb that said, Zion Independent Baptist Thursdays 7:30. Since it was on a Thursday, that really got my attention.
Being only mid-afternoon, I had many other sales calls to make which would take me rather far away and I did not know the address of the church. I finished my sales calls about 30+ miles away at 5:30 and could not get those temporary signs out of my mind.

I said, Well Lord, if you want me to make it there tonight, please help me find it. Lo and behold, I backtracked straight to it without a single wrong turn. Praise the Lord.
When Kevin arrived, I asked what Bible he used and he said, "There's only one, the King James of course." I knew God was up to something.

Kevin's life has taken him to military service (where he was gloriously saved after a commanding officer witnessed to him), then on to Bible College, then to the pastorate of a church in Martinsville, Indiana for 22 years.
Being a native of New Jersey, he and his wife Tina would return there for family gatherings, etc. every year. While there, they would always pray that God would send "someone" to be a church planter for his home state. His burden was heavy. Tina told me that the Holy Spirit would ask Kevin each time, "What's the matter with you? Are your legs broke?" Finally, the realization set in to Kevin that it was him that God would use to plant churches in NJ. Last year he resigned the pastorate he had held for 22 years and began deputation. The church service we were in that Thursday night had a total of nine people present, including the Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful time, singing praises to the Lord and hearing the preaching on (would you believe?) the King James Bible. That little church just had its first service on Sept 7th of this year.

After a year using Sunday nights for deputation, Kevin is up to 50% of his needed support. They live on a meager budget and he takes odd jobs when he can to put food on the table. His heart's desire is to be witnessing all the time and seeing souls saved. He has a great burden for the people of New Jersey and a great heart for God.

His wife Tina is a blessing, and a tremendous support for him. Pray for her, as she suffers from severe arthritis and has had a total of 17 joint replacements. (In our weakness, HIS strength is made perfect.) Her joy and fervor is not diminished. She is a trooper. Thank God for her.

Please email him a note of encouragement: .

If you care to drop him a line of encouragement, write to:

Kevin DeAngelo
365 Carr Avenue Apt C
Keansburg NJ 07734

See the sending church's website:

Thank God for Kevin DeAngelo, getting it done for God in the state of New Jersey.


Tori said...

Wow Bro. DeAngelo sounds like a wonderful man of God. What a blessing that God made a way for you two to meet. I'm sure you were as much of a blessing to him and he was to you.

BTW, please pray, mission conference is coming up in a week and a half, our missions has been suffering lately and we really need the folks to get a fresh vision.

Anyhow, post more often, sure enjoy reading them!

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