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Monday, November 10, 2008

Answer to Prayer - Glory to God

A recent business trip to the Northeast enabled me to travel to Williamsport, PA to visit with Quinn and Liz Fugate and their precious little ones, Bailee and Rylee (my little people).
Seeing them was a great blessing to me and going soulwinning with Quinn and Bailee was something I had looked forward to for several weeks. In particular, I had prayed that I might somehow be an encouragement to the people of Quinn's new church for soulwinning, even though I was only going to be there Saturday and Sunday. Having no idea what God might do to answer my prayer we set out on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours of standing up for Jesus to fulfill the great commission.

As little 7 year old Bailee and I stood on the street corner waiting for Quinn to pull the car around so we could go, two young men walked by. Anxious to get started, I stopped them and began to witness using one of the tracts from Quinn's church which has a distinctive appearance. I spoke to the men for probably 20 minutes and ended up inviting them to church to hear more. Then Bailee said, "I saw the preacher drive by". Not thinking much of it, we got into the car and left. God blessed Quinn that day by allowing him to lead 3 souls to Christ - Praise the Lord! As for me, I was blessed to be "farming for Jesus", planting a lot of seed.

The next morning we were in Sunday School and the preacher pointed at me and asked me to stand up. I had not yet been introduced to him, so it really surprised me, but I stood up. Then he told his whole congregation that he saw me with one of their tracts yesterday and didn't know who I was, but figured out that I was the visitor Quinn had told him about when he saw Bailee beside me. He then proceeded to strongly challenge his entire congregation to win souls and be willing to stand on a street corner and talk to anyone about Jesus. He said, "Oh!, We do "visitation" around here because its less threatening, but we need to get serious about "soulwinning"!!! He talked about what a blessing and encouragement to him it was to see a man a thousand miles from home who could have been doing anything else, but was standing up for Christ. The fire in his heart was apparent, and it was thrilling. Sunday night, he was talking about it again.

I am so humbled and blessed that God would use me to encourage a pastor and an entire church for soulwinning. All I did was pray and show up. HIS ears ARE open unto our prayers. For a man who was almost completely incapacitated by my illness just 8 years ago, I am in awe of the greatness, power, grace, and mercy of MY HOLY GOD. I stand amazed.


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