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Monday, August 5, 2013

How can I be negative about Islam?

Someone recently wrote and asked, As a Christian how can you be negative about Islam, since the Bible says, "Judge not, that ye be not judged"? 

This is a copy of my response:

Thank you for writing.

"Judge not, that ye be not judged" is frequently taken out of context and misapplied in an effort to silence people who express their thoughts on what is right and what is wrong. 
Some people who do this seem to think that Christians are supposed to sit in glassy-eyed silence with a smile and cheerfully acknowledge every false religion or aberrant behavior as if it makes no difference what anyone does or thinks. 

This short list of reasons easily points out that the scripture you reference does not mean what you apparently think it means: 

1. There are many other scriptures (frequently ignored when wishing to silence someone) that encourage judgement, such as "He that is spiritual judgeth all things" and "judge righteous judgement"

2. The apostles were not martyred for remaining silent or agreeing with every false religion and aberrant behavior they encountered, but for pointing out what was right and what was wrong. (Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven, not just one of many ways, for example.)

3. Throughout scripture it is evident that those on the Lord's side were called upon to draw a clear line of distinction between what is false and what is true.

4. The fact the we all must judge things every day, like which direction is best for our lives, where to live, what work to do, which food is best, which programs are right for our kids and which aren't, which books to read, which advice is best to heed and which to ignore.

Having said that, Islam is not simply a false religion with a false God started by a false prophet who was (as is well-known in Muslim history) a pedophile. Islam is also a political system that has the goal of dominating every people on the face of the earth by whatever means necessary. (Honest or dishonest, peaceful or violent). So, not only does Islamic doctrine lead millions to an eternal lake of fire without Christ as their Saviour, it also seeks to subjugate the entire population of the world under Islamic law - all under the guise of the "Religion of Peace".

The tragedy that is Islam is evident all over the place. Muslims are presently killing each other in Syria, Lybia, Somalia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and who knows where else.

Without Islam there would be virtually no terrorists in the world today. 
Islam also subjugates women and children and exalts the man. The men can perform "honor killings" and its OK by Islamic law.

The terror that Muslims wreak on one another is bad enough, much less what they are trying to do in the rest of the world.

Islam has built their own reputation though hijackings, mass murder, suicide vests, IED's, honor killings, acid attacks, bombings, crashing planes into buildings, and recruiting teenage suicide attackers.
Islam is evil and as long as there is breath in my body, I will warn people to not fall for the "religion of peace" foolishness.

The argument that "all Muslims aren't that way" doesn't sit well with me because I never see any headlines about "peaceful Muslims" speaking out against the atrocities I hear of almost every day. 
In any case, tragically, every Muslim who rejects Christ as Saviour and accepts the false teaching of Muhammad will one day burn forever in the lake of fire, and therefore must be warned of the falseness of his/her religion. Jesus clearly declared HE is the ONLY way to heaven - to the exclusion of all others.


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