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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only God

Only God could save a lady named Seka
And bring her safely to Croatia
Only God could help in time of need
When in Bosnia she was wounded and left to bleed
Only God could save her soul and change her tears
By giving comfort and calming fears
Where once was nought but heartache and pain
Tears of joy have erased the stains
Her heart overflows with words of faith
This is the work of God's great grace
Only God can heal such grievous wounds
Through the mighty power of the empty tomb
He's the One who saved and sat her upright
Now her eyes gleam with glory bright
She's blesses and helps all she sees
For her Lord she lives to please
If your heart today is filled with pain
Remember her battle and glory gain
When to Jesus you turn in faith
And receive of His magnificent grace
Only God can save and heal your wounds
Through the mighty power of the empty tomb

(And I get to pick this dear lady up in the church van
and bring her to the house of God. Glory to His name.)


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