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Monday, November 14, 2011

A double dose of encouragement

After fighting the flu last week and feeling fairly worthless, it was good to be able to get back out on the street today. As I was preparing to hit the street, I stopped by the ATM near the grocery store where a Christian man recognized me from seeing me on the street with a gospel sign many times before, so he called out to me and wanted to talk for a few minutes and tell me how much he loves to see someone lifting up the word of God on the street. He also said his teenage son brought home a gospel tract I had given him and he thanked me for reaching out to his son with the gospel message.

My next stop was the sign shop where I needed to pick up three new signs. The owner of the shop told me that he knows for a fact many people take notice of the signs during rush hour. He enthusiastically said the times he has left one of my signs standing in his lobby he has received all kinds of comments about it. He said people remember seeing them and are amazed that anyone has the courage and faith to stand that way. He reminded me that no one has ever seen anything like this in Croatia before, so it is amazing to them.

Well, we all know that God gives the courage and all the glory goes to Him. But, what a blessing it is to have these two words of encouragement today just before hitting the streets again. God knows exactly what we need when we need it.

Praise His holy name.


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