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Monday, October 10, 2011

Great Time at a Bible Conference/Fellowship in Budapest

Bro Scott Holcomb and I had the privilege to attend a Bible Conference/Fellowship in Budapest this past week from Wednesday through Saturday at the home/church of Missionary Jim Pranger. It is safe to say that "heaven came down". The preaching was marvelous and the fellowship was tremendous. And, on top of that, Mrs Laura Pranger and a few precious helpers did a wonderful job preparing all the food and we ate very well.

People attending the conference also included American missionaries to Romania, American missionaries to the Gypsies of Europe, Romanian pastors and preachers, as well as Hungarian pastors and preachers. As the preaching was going on in English, there were translations being given for the Romanians and Hungarians. There is something about hearing that that really blesses your heart. Just knowing that all these groups were hearing the same things from God's word at the same time was very encouraging.
God truly blessed this conference and we returned home refreshed, excited, and fired up about what God has done and is doing here and in other parts of Europe.

Bible Baptist Church of Budapest

The Lord prepared a table.  Amen!

Bro Jim Pranger singing a special.

One of the young men playing special music.

Missionary to Romania, Isaac Lawrence

Missionary Scott Holcomb singing "10,000 Years".  God blessed him in a mighty way. He did a tremendous job.

Romanian pastors and preachers singing a special for us.

Conference preacher, Pastor Roger Green from Ohio. God spoke through this man.

Missionary to the Gypsies of Europe, Walter Stevens. Also from Ohio, and himself a Gypsy.

Hungarian father and daughter. He is a man of God. Debora is a ray of sunshine.

Romanian pastor playing hymns on a tree leaf. Yes, only a tree leaf. Sounds like a harmonica. A blessing.

Bro Scott Holcomb and I singing, "What a day that will be!"

Hungarian family singing a special for us.

Bro Phillip Flannagan giving a testimony. He travels the world with his pastor, Pastor Green, and is his pastor's right arm. What a great blessing this man is! He even went out of his way to be a blessing to me.

Missionary Isaac Lawrence again, This time playing the guitar and the harmonica. He also speaks English, Spanish and Romanian fluently, preaches and sings. God really gifted this man.

Bro Jim and Mrs Laura singing a special for us. She cooks too!

Gypsy missionary Walter Stevens giving a testimony. That is Hungarian pastor Zsolt Kovacs providing the Hungarian translation.

Most of our group got into the final group photo, but some had to leave early to catch flights back home. We praise God for all these servants of the Lord. What a blessing!

Debora (Ray of Sunshine) and her brother getting in some practice time.

Crossing the beautiful Danube heading home, refreshed and rejoicing in the Lord.


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