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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joyful time in Hungary

Pastor Rajko Telebar had some business to tend to in Hungary on Monday this week and asked me to accompany him.
We drove about 25 km into the country to the large city of Nagykanizsa.

We had already been equipped with some Hungarian Gospel tracts by our friend Jim Pranger, missionary in Budapest.

As we walked from the car to the place of business, we tried to give a tract to everyone we encountered.

In spite of temperature in the low 20’s F, many people gladly accepted the tracts from us. Even though we could not carry on a conversation with these dear people, we were able to give them the incorruptible Word of God. Now they have the truth and an opportunity to get saved.

It is a great joy to spread the Word of God, wherever you may be. Who knows what God might do? Perhaps one who will become a great evangelist in Hungary was one of the people who got a tract from us that day. Wouldn’t that be something? I always like to say, “You never know”.


Brat Rič said...

Slava Gospodinu, bilo je prekrasno, brat Sam uvijek iznova posebno ohrabruje svojom gorljivošću za Boga!

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