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Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Imagine...

Just imagine if there was a Gypsy village in Croatia named Trnovec
Just imagine if there was 70 kids in the village that want to come to church
Just imagine if you only had transportation available for 30 and had to leave 40 standing there with no ride
Just imagine if that was breaking your heart and you were praying for a solution
Just imagine if you wanted to start a service very near the village so everyone could walk to church and no on would be left out
Just imagine if you found out a relative of a church member owned a building (not yet finished)  a few hundred yards from the village
Just imagine if that relative was already saved and had a desire to help spread God's word
Just imagine if that man was willing to allow the church to use his building to hold an afternoon service on Sunday
Just imagine if he would do this at no charge

Well, there is no need to imagine. We will have our first service there Sunday at 2:00!

Just imagine our rejoicing!

Praise the Lord. This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.


Carrie said...

Well PRAISE THE LORD! Bibles and a building all in the same week. God sure is bless Croatia and all you hard working missionaries involved.

Tori said...

I loved this Sam. So much that I posted it on my blog too. Hope you didn't mind.

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