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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I recently had the privilege to travel to the ancient city of Split on Croatia's Adriatic coast with our Croatian pastor, Rajko Telebar.

The trip was a long one - approximately 7 hours each way.

The main purpose of the trip was to deliver thousands of gospel tracts to one of Bro Telebar's converts who makes use of them spreading the gospel in his area.  While there, Bro Telebar and I had the joy of speaking to a number of people on the streets and sharing the gospel.

This is a tourist city and the main attraction is the ancient palace of Diocletian. We walked through it and took the photos below. He was the emperor of Rome from 284 AD to 305. This was a summer palace for him. Diocletian is known for orchestrating a violent and fierce persecution of Christians.

I would just like to say: "Well Diocletian ("Cleetus"), your persecution didn't work out. We are standing on the ruin of your empire sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

The thought came while we were there that one of our group should possibly rent an apartment or hotel room during the offseason to use as a base to spread the gospel all over that region. During the winter months, there will be a lot of snow in Cakovec, keeping people from getting out and about, but not in the area of Split, Dubrovnik, and Zadar.  Pray with us that God will give us wisdom to know exactly what to do. All of Croatia desperately needs the gospel message.


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