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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glory to the God of Heaven !

God gives us the desires of our heart and then He fulfills those desires.
Words cannot adequately express my joy, my jubilation, my exhilaration at what God has done for me.
My employer at the plastic company where I have worked for 25 years came to me and asked if I would like to go to Croatia and be a missionary full-time.
Having been on 3 trips to Croatia and been filled with joy upon each return, my employer took note.
He decided he would assist me in getting into full-time mission work, and as of Tuesday, I am preparing to depart to the country that God has called me to. My employer has promised two year's worth of support, and I will let God worry about years 3 through 50.

I knew after my first trip to that beautiful land in 2006 that God was telling me He wanted me there. He has richly blessed me on every subsequent trip, and my heart has overflowed with joy while also being so broken for the lost. Only God can make such joy and such sorrow reside in the same heart, and yet sustain us through it all.
I have repeatedly begged God for a greater burden for souls and for a broken heart. He has faithfully delivered, and I am so blessed.
Being crippled with MD and virtually unable to walk just 10 years ago, this is amazing to me. Not only can I walk again, but now I am headed to the mission the dream of my lifetime. I suppose I shouldn't be too amazed. After all, this is GOD we're talking about.
I am praying to get there by early January, if not before.

The Bible does say, "Launch out into the deep".

Here I go.

Glory to God.


Johnny said...

We can't wait for you to get here! Hurry up will you!

Carrie said...

I will be praying for you and the people of Croatia.
Love & Prayers

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