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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please beg God for the soul of young man named Dean

Today in Varaždin we were thrilled to see 6 precious souls come to Christ in spite of the cold and the wind.

But one young man named Dean, who did not get saved, broke my heart in a big way. He was obviously a rebellious young man and he joked with me when we first made contact. However, after some discussion, his countenance changed and he began to see the seriousness of his situation, and to understand the truth of the gospel.

We had a very serious talk about sin and hell. He clearly understood, but put off a decision for Christ. It could be that he was negatively influenced by his friend who was not serious. After more than 30 minutes of direct eye contact and solemn truth from the Word of God I could tell he was shaken, but he would not get saved.

Please join me in crying out to God and pleading for Dean's precious soul.

Dean is headed straight for an eternal burning hell, so please don't send any comments to comfort me. I cannot be comforted in this regard. Just pray.

The battle for souls rages on.

2 Peter 3:9


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